In South Africa a Microsoft OS such as Windows XP is very expensive for the average consumer and it is common practice here for most people to copy Windows CD’s and use the same Product Key with more than one Window installation, because most people here simply cannot afford to purchase a brand new Windows CD. It’s not legal as far as Microsoft is concerned to use the same Product Key with two Windows installations, or to use a key provided by a key generator program. Yay, I’m learning a lot. Drive should be replaced. I believe they will run without the use of a hard drive, although I haven’t actually tried that.

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The best way to set your bios Boot Order or similar settings in your case is Floppy drive first, audiio you have a internal floppy drive connected or not – you probably do it doesn’t matter that if it’s listed first if you don’t have a floppy drive connected – it can be listed there, or after Hard drive or SCSI.

Thanks for staying with me throughout my curiosity – I am so happy that I learned so much, and I am so grateful that experts took the time to help a beginner like me to learn so vet, and in the process I gained more and more confidence to start looking at building audo next computer after this old MS is fully resurrected. Othehill I hope I am a bit more clever now after looking up some more terms and definitions etc.

If you don’t want to have to fiddle with the floppy drive – do you have or can you borrow a head cleaning floppy? What is a stiffy drive? Thank you for your time and the valuable information you shared.

Drivers for MSI 845GVM-L MS-6714 motherboard (Socket 478)

Yay, this is exiting! I’m not even sure how to identify it.

Or you could remove the floppy drive, remove it’s top cover, and clean off the heads with a Q tip or a tissue, or similar. That shouldn’t be an issue because you must partition, as described above.

You can choose to use FAT32 software partitioning if the partition is smaller than than However, an exception is anti-malware software often requires XP or above. Download User Guide and Manual. IMO there are better brands available. You can usually plug in any connector onto pins that are bent if you plug it in crooked by taking into account which direction they’re bent to rather that plugging in straight on. I think it is morning at auido side of the world.

Less than an Hour Audioo Time Zone: You can still use Messenger ot Hotmail without installing that. Western Digital provides this I did not find an official Microsoft label on my MS, so therefore I do not have a legitimate licence to use the Windows OS that’s on my hard disk drive.

It may not be bootable even when the bios does detect it. I need to first review the information you posted me concerning this, and research and learn a few more things on ger net. In any case, you can only load one operating system installation at a time on the same auddio. You could also take a close look at the ram module, especial at it’s top, to see if any chips have audip detached from where they’re supposed to be firmly soldered – that can happen if someone has dropped the module, or if somone pushed down on a chip rather aduio the module card if the chips are right at the top.

The personal stuff you add to the program is usually saved to C by default, but you can change the default choice. I still believe that if it can do the job, irrespective of its age, then why not use it like a vintage Ford that still goes well – better than some modern vehicles when it comes to endurance.

Download Msi GEM (ms ver5) Motherboard Drivers | Manual – TwoTechkys

Find the Downloads Drivers for XP XP 32 for the video, the main chipset, ks any other device drivers listed there, and download them – if you have room for them on the flash drive, that’s a good place to have them.

Setup will load a lot more files for a while, then there will be a message that the computer will Re-start in 15 seconds – you can let it do that, or just press Enter.

They’re more likely to produce a display for a shorter total time than a CRT monitor. Before I remove my graphics card from myhow do I get the integrated graphics of my to give me video so that I can use internet?

Support For GLM | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

You can use FAT32 software partitioning on any size vef drive if you use a third party program to do that rather than Windows and up. If everything works properly, you or the operating system never “see” a bad sector, unless the drive is failing and all the spare good sectors have been used up.

When you have chosen to make a partition, Windows and up do the software partitioning and the formatting at the same time, the software partitioning always being a bit ahead of the formatting. Microsoft has lists of Product Keys they know have been used illegitimately – either the Product Key has been reported to them, or it’s one known to them because it’s commonly suggested as one to use on, or in the info along with, illegal Windows CDs or DVDs.

I formatted one of the floppies again, using Full format as you suggested in 90 above, and there were NO bytes listed in bad sectors.