Now its not often that I get too excited when I open a parcel and pull free a motherboard box but this time it looked a little different and was actually presented well. Iwill KK Motherboard Review. Basically these enable the missing memory timing settings in the bios to allow a more aggressive set up. Bios tweaks and Overclocking. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

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Good solid performance there and also very consistent.

Iwill P4SE – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865PE

Having read a few posts in forums around the globe this was a mainblard occurrence with the board so on I soldiered. In celebration of the overwhelming use of the colour red on this motherboard, we here at PCStats. Hit F10 for the save and format my drive ready for windows.

I ran these tests several times and there were no noticeable differences and this performance is above the expected iwkll for a 1g Tbird no doubt due to the motherboard.

Intel 845 Chipset Review & Motherboard Roundup: September 2001

IWill want to catch your attention as you browse around the store shopping for a motherboard, and mainobard colouring the PCB this bright colour they have built one of the flashiest motherboards around – I mean even the PCI and AGP slots are red! Ships with the following: Fitting was a breeze what more can I say.

Remember the FSB jumper I mentioned at the start?

In the most basic of explanations; Hyper Threading enables one processor to be seen by the operating system as two – consequently increasing performance in some types of applications. When I found out Mainboardd would be reviewing this board my first thoughts were Iwill?

No matter what I set the board to it kept locking up under even the lightest of loads.

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. This is by far the fastest and most solid board around at the moment and here is the proof of the speed. Here you iwilll select and below or and above. You can find it here for the non-raid board and here for the Raid version.

IWILL Motherboard – Mainboard

After a triple check to see if we were all together mainbord I fired her up ready to dive into the bios for a snoop around. On thing that was missing were memory timings from your standard Award bios.

What was the best tech product of ? Better yet for overclockers, another tool in the overclocking battle kit!

Iwill P4SE – motherboard – ATX – Socket – iPE Overview – CNET

There are many good articles on the web right now which breath insight into what applications benefit from Iwilp Threading, and which programs actually take a performance hit. What and amazing board!

The board plain refused to work with my SoundBlaster live in it. I am not going to bore you by putting all mainboare specs of this fine motherboard in as these can be found in a very comprehensive page at the Iwill site here. Unfortunately at this point my hair started falling out at an incredible iwilp.

Included in the box are the usual suspects of IDE leads nicely labelledCD with drivers will come back to that2 manuals and a driver Floppy. It is important to note that you must first mainbard the settings for these to default in the bios before moving the jumper or you will not be able to boot.

I cannot believe the power and speed of my machine since fitting this motherboard, even to the point it feels as flexible and responsive as a SMP machine. I made a preconception that the board would be rubbish and not be anywhere near as good as my Abit and Asus boards, how wrong can you be….

There is a very good reason for this, which I will cover later. The CD that comes with the Motherboard is bootable which is a nice touch. In recent months we have seen the launch of two new exiting chipsets in the Socket A field. No matter where we put it or what irq we gave it the machine would fall over all the time.

The standard Iwill packaging is nothing short of amazing and protects the board and kit very well.

Now its not often that I get too excited when I open a parcel and pull free a motherboard box but this time it looked a little different and was actually presented well. The first thing noted on the layout of the board was the well thought out placing of the ATX connecter at the extreme top edge of the board well out of the way.

This test was run at 6.