The plate is not to be removed. The assy is likely to be installed in the wrong position. Bi-D adjustment Pattern Printing [Judgment method] Find the pattern with no gaps or overleaps of the left and right pattern, and enter the value of that pattern. Release the tabs x2 that secure the Cap Assy, and detach the Cap Assy. Rotate the CR Scale 90 degrees as shown in the figure and remove the scale Pay attention to the following instructions: Remove the screws x4 that secure the Main Frame to the Frame Base. Three head of serial a div

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If you need to work on the printer with power applied, strictly follow the instructions in this manual. Insert a tweezer or a screwdriver into the slot as shown in the figure to hold the Paper Back Lever outwards.

Epson ME 30 Printer Driver Download

Ink low Button Function Power Turns on or off this unit. The coating is fragile and can be easily damaged.

Remove the screws x2 and remove the EJ Frame Assy. Due to this, when the waste ink max counter has reached the limit of the absorbing capability of the Waste drain ink pad, the Maintenance call error is indicated on Status monitor 3 as following figure. Removing Holder Board Assy C. Head angular adjustment Pattern Printing [Judgment method] Find the pattern with least vertical displacement between -3 and 3, and enter the value of that ms30.

Sample of Head Angular band pattern: Remove the screws x3and remove the PF Motor. Lower Housing Figure Removing LD Roller 2 Figure When multiple errors occur at the same time, the one with higher priority will be indicated.

Tab Upper Housing Figure Remove the screw x1fpson remove the CR Scale Holder. Main Frame Upper Paper Guide 1. You can edit at Wish List. Paper Feeding No abnormal noise?

Insert a flathead screwdriver between the tab 1 and the rib, and release the Ink System Cap Assy tab 1 while pushing it in the direction of the arrow. Remove the pump system. Not necessary Packing Table Describes the step-by-step procedures epsom the troubleshooting. The carriage moves back and forth between its home position and Completing ink charge.

Use a soft cloth moistened with alcohol to As for the operation of the Adjustment program, refer to remove the ink stain. To Add to shopping cart, choose from option above.

China CISS for Epson ME30/ME/ME/ME/ME Office f – China Ciss, Ink Cartridge

Secure it with Rib A, then fold it back. Left Right margin adjustment Pattern Printing Figure Removing Holder Board Assy Figure Unless otherwise stated, reassembly should be carried out in the reverse order of the C H E C K Procedures partially different from model to model are described disassembly procedure. Please select items on left side panel.

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Detach the ferrite core from the Main Frame. Remove the Printhead p43 3. Making sure there is no paper inside the printer, load paper on the hopper and press [Maintenance]. Press the [Maintenance] button to eject the paper and epso the error. Other popular items of the shop 9, items on sale Go to Shop. Item Paper Size Weight mm Supported paper type and sizes vary depending on the markets.