A simple paper path and minimal moving parts keep the ColorQube series up and running in the toughest environments. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Purchase and install a Smart Card reading system before configuring Smart Card authentication. Users type the login name and password at the control panel. Touch Password, and type the password using the touch screen keyboard. Make every document stand out. We are making it easier to experience Citrix solutions.

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Under Reset Options, select the type of reset you want: Workflow Scanning To specify how and where scanned images are stored, create a template.

Touch the X and Y for the preset you want to change, then type the scale percentage using the touch-screen keypad. Any jobs in colorqueb job list will be deleted. This manual also for: Ensures data stays secure with AES bit encryption that meets current FIPS requirements, and require a password to open and view a sensitive document by scanning to passwordprotected PDF.

Xerox ColorQube 9301 Cleaning Unit 108R00989

Network Authorization To copy the settings from another server, select a server from the list and click Copy From. A list of configuration settings appears at the bottom of the Xerox Access Setup page.

Retype the password to verify. To specify how and where scanned images are stored, create a template.

ColorQube 9301/9302/9303

Type a Friendly Name to help identify the certificate in the future. Experience unparalleled convenience and uptime with Xerox Solid Ink, which has been designed for maximum ease of use.

Scanning templates contain details about scan jobs that can be saved and reused for other scan jobs. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. For details, see NetWare on page Dynamic DNS Registration is enabled. System Timeout Under Warning Screen, select Enabled to require the printer to display a warning message before it logs a user out of the touch screen.

ColorQube //, QGC Technologies

Type a Response Timeout between 5— seconds. Type the End of Job Timeout between 0— seconds to specify the amount of time to pass before a job processes with an End of Job character. The printer wakes up when colorquve is detected.

The default value is 15 minutes. Under Printing, select the desired options for the job. Each ink stick color is uniquely shaped for simple drop-in loading.

Scan to and print from a standard USB memory device for information at your fingertips. You can change default email message options, scan options, file colorqhbe options, and others. Configuring User Roles Access You can assign users to specific roles groups to allow colorqibe types of access. It is supported in Windows Vista and Windows Server operating systems. The filter defines a series of conditions that the LDAP search must fulfill to return the desired information.


Software installation begins several minutes after the software is submitted to the printer. If Quick Restart is selected, the current session ends, the printer restarts, and any 3901 in progress.

Managing Protocol Groups Managing Protocol Groups Protocol Groups are logical groupings of selected protocols based on service type, service name, port number, and device type.

To add your own custom information: Secure Print Settings To reveal or hide the characters in job names with asterisks, select an option: To ensure that the job was sent to the queue, wait for the job submission confirmation message to appear before you close this page.

Click Edit to update the settings.