Setting Up the Printer Start the program you used to create the document, and open the document you want to print. We are certain you will be satisfied with its advanced bubble jet technology. This setting will take the longest time to print. Verify that you selected the BJC printer driver or other compatible color printer driver.

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Make sure the power is off any time you connect or disconnect the AC adapter cznon interface cable. If you installed the Canon BJC printer driver for Windows as described in Chapter 2, Setting Up the Printer and will be printing only from the Windows environment, you can ignore this information.

You can print again. It includes initial setup procedures, printing operations, daily maintenance, troubleshooting, and specifications.

Restores the action you canceled with the Undo button. With the BC cartridge installed, your bubbl-ejet prints twice as fast as when the color cartridge is installed and you can print documents with a higher resolution. The ESCape character tells the printer not to print the next character or string of characters, but to use the information to perform a printing control task, such as printing in bold or underlining.

They may leave paper particles inside the printer. When you print the All modes pattern, the Ripple pattern, or the Font pattern, the printer continues printing until you cancel printing.

Canon K10150 Bjc-70 Color Bubble Jet Printer Compact Portable

If you continue printing, the printer will run out of ink and you will have printing problems, such as white streaks. If the BJC is not on the list, select a printer that will have nearly the same operating capabilities as the BJC Note A Caution Cautions alert you to operations that could cause damage to your hardware or software, or cause injury to yourself.

The printer notifies you that this has occurred by alternately flashing C and 6 in the display. The platen the flat black plate inside the printer may become inked if you print data beyond the width of the page. However, any settings you make with your software application override settings made with the bubble-iet panel.

Be sure to test a type of paper before you purchase a large quantity.

Full text of “Canon BJC User Manual”

This means a line printer needs very little processing power and memory. These printers run more quietly than dot matrix and formed-character printers.

Chapter 4 Using the Printer With Your Software 55 Media Type option Click on the arrow next to hubble-jet Media Type setting to select one of the following types of paper from the drop-down list: Dust accumulation may prevent the printer from gjc-70 properly. Otherwise the printer detects jbc-70 low battery notice condition again and eventually the printer may stop operating.

To install your download click on the name of the downloaded file. Diffusion This setting randomly places individual dots of different colored inks to create the appearance of intermediate colors. When printing on legal-size paper, load one sheet at a time and remove each sheet as it is printed. The complete drying time required for Canon’s transparencies or back print film is approximately 15 minutes.

Note If a printer error occurs, such as no paper E and 1 blink alternatelythe printer cancels the test pattern.

See page 95 for details. In the example above, you would specify a paper size of 15 x 11 inches in your application. Your printer offers both vibrant print quality and exceptional print speed.

Try using the Smoothing mode. The printer resumes operation. Remove the empty ink tank. Do not try to load paper into the sheet feeder beyond the capacity of the paper guide; stacking too much paper may cause paper jams or printing problems.

If the printer is printing too many lines, make the top margin wider.

If you often print heavy ink density graphics, you will need to change cartridges more frequently. Objective buttons Allow you to define the attributes associated with your document. Chapter 3 Using the Printer 41 2.